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Ale Alvarado

Barra will have its own ambulance!

Here is a copy of a recent article in a local paper about the ambulance.  As you can see, the Costalegre Rotary gets credit for forming the non profit organization which will own the ambulance.  So it only seems fair to make a donation: 

Gig Harbor Businessman Will Deliver Ambulance To Mexican Village

Equipment is part of a local mission to Mexico project.

Charlee Glock-Jackson
Tuesday, March 31, 2009
 Dan Wilson, the owner of All-Star Guitar works on the ambulance he will soon be delivering to Mexico.
Dan Wilson is a man on a mission.
The long-time Gig Harbor resident and owner of a local guitar shop is preparing to drive a donated ambulance to the village of Barra de Navidad, in the Mexican state of Jalisco.
Wilson and his friend and co-driver Andy Rebsamen plan to leave Gig Harbor May 9 and arrive in Barra by May 13.
The ambulance, currently parked in Wilson’s Rosedale Street driveway, is one of a 12 vehicles that have been donated and delivered to small towns in Mexico by a Gig Harbor-based group called The Mission to Mexico.
The organization is the brainchild of Jose Lopez, whose father owns El Publito Restaurant located next door to Wilson’s All-Star Guitar shop.
The Mission to Mexico began in 2005 when Lopez was visiting his family’s village of Ayutla, Mexico. During his visit, he tried to save five people who had been injured in a head-on traffic accident.
Although Lopez was able to get them all to a nearby medical clinic, two adults and an infant died because the town had no ambulance to take them to the nearest hospital, more than an hour’s drive away.
Lopez was so heartsick over the incident that he vowed to do something for the town, to prevent similar deaths in the future.
The result was the Mission to Mexico, which, in the past four years, has delivered fire trucks, ambulances, police cars and other emergency vehicles and medical equipment to small towns and villages in Mexico.
All the vehicles have been acquired through the Pierce County chapter of Crime Stoppers.
In addition to tracking down wanted criminals, Crime Stoppers also locates surplus emergency vehicles throughout the area and arranges for them to be delivered to needy locations in other countries.
“In the U.S., fire trucks, ambulances and police cars can become obsolete fairly quickly, because our police and fire departments always have to stay up-to-date with the latest technology,” Wilson said.
This creates a large surplus of used vehicles and other equipment in perfectly good condition, but outdated by U.S. standards.
Thanks to the Mission to Mexico, the villages of Ayutla, Autlan, Barra, San Pancho and others have been recipients of some of this much-needed equipment.
According to Wilson, it’s customary in Mexico for the mayor of a town, who’s known as El Presidente, to keep any items that are given to the town during his term in office.
In Barra, however, the local Rotary Club and the town’s residents have formed a non-profit organization, which will actually have ownership of the ambulance, Wilson said.
The non-profit group is also building a health center between Barra and the nearby town of Melaque, and has received a grant from the State of Jalisco to fund two nurses and two doctors from the University in Guadalajara, who will serve their medical internships at the new clinic.
The townspeople have been holding fundraising events for the clinic.
Wilson has a donation jar in his shop.
Donors who sign up as $1,000 sponsors will have their names noted on the ambulance.
“But even small donations of $5 or $10 are a tremendous help,” Wilson said.
All the money goes into a non-profit account for fuel, insurance, permits and other travel expenses, and also for bandages, blankets and sheets, medicines and even wheelchairs and crutches that Wilson hopes take along.
Wilson is spending much of his spare time buffing out the old City of Puyallup logos and other American identification from the ambulance.
“We have the new Barra de Navidad logo all designed and the decals are waiting to be applied,” he said.
“We’ll be ready to hit the road May 9.”
For information or to donate, call Wilson at (253) 853-5610
Published Monday, April 27, 2009 5:50 PM by Ale Alvarado

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Sonya Diaz said:

I just read the article and i think thats great my in-laws live there, I think its neat that now there's people making a medical difference, thats very much needed thank you all.

May 28, 2010 11:46 AM

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